Have you ever done something foolish due

Have you ever done something foolish due to your anger? I have. I once hit a door with my fist, bruising my hand, and making a hole in the door.

In childlike temper tantrums, angry people throw chairs, smash dishes, and dent cars, all in a vain attempt to appease their temper. Recent FBI statistics reveal that one violent crime occurs every 24 seconds, an aggravated assault every 48 seconds, and a murder every 23 minutes. Domestic violence is the top cause of visits to emergency rooms by women. During the Vietnam War, more women were murdered at home than men were slain on the battlefield.

Anger is not limited to physical violence. Anger plays a major role in virtually every divorce and wreaks havoc in many marriages where people are separated emotionally. Parents who do not learn to manage anger wound children, who grow up to repeat the pattern. Psychologists report that 50 percent of all their patients have anger-related issues.

Anger causes us to lose jobs, friends, marriages, homes, families, and careers. Why? When you are angry, you are not simply upset—you are insane. You are not reasoning correctly because your brain is flooded with adrenaline. You lose perspective and rationality.

After the angry outbursts, when you return to your senses, you regretfully survey the damage: the hurtful words, the broken relationships, the stupid decisions. For me, the hole I punched in the door cost me $100 and two days of time to find, buy, paint, and hang the door. Some painful consequences of foolish behavior may last a lifetime.

So when you are angry, stop, take a few breaths, and consider the consequences, before you rashly act foolishly.

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