21 Days


Day 1–Find Your One Thing

The key to the life you’ve always imagined is discovering your one thing. It’s the key to inner peace and happiness.

Day 2–Begin with Why

They key to this life isn’t what you do, but knowing why you do what you do. When you know your why it gives meaning to what you do.

Day 3–Burn with Passion

Passion is the fuel that ignites the fires of your meaningfulness, the force that drives the soul, the burden that compels you to action, and the drive behind the life you’ve always imagined.

Day 4–Let Go of the Past

You cannot change the past, but you can change the meaning of the past. You can break the power of the past by living for the future.

Day 5–Choose a Positive Attitude

Between stimulus and response, you have the freedom to choose. You have response-ability–the ability to choose your responses to life’s assaults.

Day 6–Welcome Change

When you do not change with change, adapt and respond to innovation, you cannot grow and survive.

Day 7–Seek Significance

When you seek significance it has the power to transform not only your attitude about your work, but the quality of your work as well.

Day 8–Determine Your Priorities

Determining your priorities enables you to avoid the tyranny of the urgent; keeps you from falling into the trap of saying “yes” to everyone; assists you in managing your time; helps you focus your energies; and prevents the negative influence of dominate people.

Day 9–Live Courageously

Courage is the decision to take the first step, hoping the next step will be a little easier.

Day 10–Risk Loving

If I could write the requirement for occupying space and sucking up the oxygen on this planet it would be to love.

Day 11–Find the Joy

Joy is a divine dimension of living that is not shackled by circumstances.

Day 12–Delight in Discipline

To live the life you’ve always imagined requires doing things that you don’t want to do, in order to achieve what you’ve always wanted to be.

Day 13–Loosen Up

Laughter doesn’t level life’s obstacles, but it does make the climb a lot easier to bear.

Day 14–Join a Team

You were not built to function well alone. You will do your best work with a team. The life you want comes in participation with others.

Day 15–Pursue Wisdom

Wisdom brings understanding–the ability to see life in perspective, put it all together, and make sense of it.

Day 16–Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks

You need to schedule time each week to examine where you have been and where you are going.

Day 17–Live with Integrity

Integrity embodies the sum total of your being and your actions. It expresses itself in how you live and behave.

Day 18–Make a Name for Yourself

Your name becomes the immortal part of you that will survive death.

Day 19–Put Your Whole Self In

Life has a tendency to give its all to the person who gives their all.

Day 20–Finish Strong

You need to stoke the fire of endurance. You have the power to overcome your hurdles. Burning within you is a force to keep going.

Day 21–Never Give Up

God’s rewards await you in the distant future not near the beginning; and you don’t know how many steps it will take to reach the prize.