While I can tailor my message, to any audience and speak on a variety of topics, here are three talks that have been well received and provide an example of my presentations to civic clubs and business gatherings.

The Benefits of Editing

This relevant talks reminds the hearer that editing is eliminating the non-essentials so the essentials can show through. It’s not about getting more things done; it’s about getting the right things done. This talk reveals five positive benefits of an edited life.


The Power of Passion

Passion is loving what you do, taking nothing for granted, and honing your skills to be better. This talk will ignite the fires of your meaningfulness; it will propel you to action; it will cause you to want to make a difference.


Leaders and Followers: The Dynamic Duo

Leadership requires followers who will execute the mission, strategy, and plans of the organization. Followers need leaders who are worthy of their trust. Together, working in tandem, leaders and followers can move mountains. This stirring talk is needed for all in the organization.



Here are two series that have been taught in Sunday School classes, in a retreat setting, as a week-end emphasis, and for Sunday worship services.

Relationship Rescue

This series focuses on growing strong marriages and families. The talks include:

  • Marriage Maintenance
  • Rearing Children
  • Fighting Fair
  • Family Focus


The Healing Power of Forgiveness

This series details the incredible value personally and corporately for forgiveness. The talks are:

  • What Is Forgiveness?
  • What Are the Consequences of an Unforgiving Heart?
  • How Do I Know That I Have Forgiven?
  • Why Should I Forgive?
  • How Do I Forgive?
  • Can God Forgive Me?

These are just a few of the many talks I can present. If I can help you or your organization, please contact me to schedule a booking. My email address is: drrickezell@gmail.com.