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4 Questions to Ask of Your Work

Sometimes we are not sure that our work, as legitimate and as spiritual as it may be, matters. We question the worth of our work, the significance of our job. For many of us we don’t pause long enough to … Continue reading

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3 Reasons To Change the Way You Look at Work

    Dobie Gillies once said, “I don’t have anything against work. I just figure, why deprive somebody who really loves it.” In that comment rests a universal challenge: To put excitement and enjoyment into work, we first must be … Continue reading

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5 Ways to Transform Misfortune to Miracles

Bad things do happen to people. Life is unfair. Happenings do not always go as planned. Circumstances change. Businesses go bankrupt. Employees are laid off or fired. Athletic contests are lost. Scholarships are given to others. Relationships are broken. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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